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SNL missed how 'wonderful' Trump has made America

'Saturday Night Live' has done it again -- offending the thin-skinned President Donald Trump. This time it appears the sketch that caused Trump to take a brief break from complaining about special counsel Robert Mueller was the comedy show's cold open -- a parody of the classic holiday film "It's a Wonderful Life" titled "It's a Wonderful Trump." Instead of a distraught George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) being shown a world without him, SNL looks at an America where Trump was never president.

17th, December 2018, 06:30pm

How barbershops could help lower blood pressure

Corey Thomas admitted to his pharmacist that he hated the blood pressure medications a previous doctor had prescribed for him. They came with "horrible" side effects, he said, and so he rarely took them.

17th, December 2018, 06:00pm

3-year-old girl attacked in alleged rape

A three-year-old girl in Delhi, India, was attacked in an alleged rape exactly six years after a student was ganged-raped on a bus in the Indian capital. CNN's Nikhil Kumar reports.

17th, December 2018, 05:35pm

How social media hyped nicotine for new generation

Leading e-cigarette company Juul Labs has tried to distance itself from a vast social media presence that experts say drives its popularity among teens. But a CNN investigation sheds new light on how the company was encouraging -- and at times paying for -- social media users to promote its nicotine-filled product to thousands of their followers.

17th, December 2018, 05:25pm
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